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What is LibreCollab?

LibreCollab is a website dedicated to letting you post your open source project ideas and find other interested developers to work with.


  • Have a new open source project idea you're hoping to get off the ground?

  • Your existing project getting a bit stale and needs some TLC?

  • Your beloved open source tool got orphaned and you want to continue its legacy?


  • Find projects by programming language, framework, etc.

  • Get yourself to the next step of hosting a project and becoming a maintainer

  • Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket, or just a mess of .txt files on a forum - Link whatever you've got!

Partner with fellow developers

  • Start onboarding by seeing who is interested in your project

  • Attract a variety of skillsets

  • Get feedback and generate discussion to flesh out your idea

LibreCollab is for you.